The domiciliation service offered by Tunis Business Center will allow your company to have its business and tax address within our business center in the most prestigious area of Tunis.

The domiciliation service is designed for:

Young entrepreneurs starting their business, and who do not need or do not want to bear the cost for office rental.

Existing companies who wish to improve their image by having a prestigious address in the Berges du Lac.

Companies operating outside the capital and who wish to have a secondary address in Tunis.

People with a mobile profession (e.g.salesperson) and who do not need permanent offices.

Tunis Business Center offers various formulas for domiciliation:

  • Tunis Business center domiciliation Formulas

  • A strategic address
    A prestige address to use on your business cards, headed paper and marketing materials
  • Mail reception and forwarding
    Your mail and parcels are received and forwarded as per your instructions
  • Access to offices and meeting rooms available immediately and at preferential rates
  • Fax service
    We will receive and send your faxes, wherever you are
  • A dedicated telephone number
    You can give a local telephone number to your contacts
  • Personalized telephone answering service
    Our telephone operators will answer your calls with the name of your company, as per your instructions
  • Voice messages
    Remote access to your voice messages 24/7
  • Mobility
    Make and receive all your calls on your dedicated line at the cost of a local call via your soft phone.
  • Office use hours
    Ideal for professionalswho need an office more regularly
  • PRO

  • 150 DHT

    per month

  • 5 hours/month
  • PRO+

  • 299 DHT

    per month

  • 10 hours/month

Benefits of a domiciliation at Tunis Business Center

  • Our domiciliation contract will allow you to use our address as if it were your business address. You can use it on your business and marketing materials (business cards, brochures, website, etc.…).
  • Our domiciliation contract allows you to register at the Trade Register, with the tax authorities, social security and generally with all government administration departments…
  • You can use the infrastructure of our business center as well as all our customized services at preferential rates.